Sunday, October 31, 2010

Now for some Modelling.....

It has been a while since my last post mainly due to a lack of work in The Shed because of the issues with my wrist. I have finally been given the OK to start driving again. This was a great boost for my morale but the physiotherapy sessions have been slow and painful. This last week (commencing 25 October) I have started going to a local gymnasium to strengthen my hand, wrist and arm. My first session at the Gym was with a physiologist who worked with me to set up an exercise regime. I went to the Gym a couple of more times during the week. I have to see the physiotherapist and the physiologist on Monday 1 November.

Since the beginning of this whole saga Raymond and I have been accumulating more locomotives and rolling stock, as well as various kits for buildings and rolling stock.

Raymond has a larger disposable income than me. Well!! Actually I have a large disposable income too but it is already committed for things like, rates, water, electricity, food and all those mundane things. Ever since I had started work I always lusted after buying more locomotives, rolling stock and other things, but could never afford them as I had other commitments – women, buying a car, women, going on holidays, a wife, buying a house, a wife, having a family, a wife, sending the kids to school, a wife – it seems to never end. This situation has always plagued me and now, just to break the monotony – a broken wrist which is costing me a fortune in medical expenses and other sundry costs. It is not just the medical bills which have racked up more than $5,000 in out-of-pocket expenses but train and taxi fares (when i was not allowed to drive) amounting to about $15 and up to $20 per day as well as more expensive “easy cook” (frozen) food as I can’t prepare meals like I used to.

Raymond has started buying from overseas through the internet – something I would like to do. On Thursday 30 September he received eight On30 boxcars by AMS. These came from EDM Models in the UK at a cost of Stg£256 plus postage.

One of four AMS D&RGW Box Cars that Raymond bought from EDM Models in the UK

Along with four Colorado & Southern Box Cars

The detail on these cars has to be seen to be believed. They are stunning models although the knuckle couplers on these do not seem to work too well. Raymond has plans to change them for Kadees.

Raymond also received an order of 38 packets of Evergreen strip styrene from M B Klein in the USA through our good friend PK. Raymond has built up quite a large varied stock of styrene and stripwood to aid in his scratch building. Craig also finds Raymond’s stockpile useful when he runs out of a particular size, during his Cassino model building projects

Some time ago I purchased a Walthers O Scale Built Up building – Melissa’s Eastside Diner. It is quite a nice 2-story brick building which I would like to turn into a bank downstairs and a solicitor’s office upstairs. The building is already assembled with pre-coloured plastic parts.
Melissa's Diner one of Walthers Cornerstone Series of pre-built kits

However, the brick work was a horrible mauve hue which did not look like bricks at all. I purchased a selection of Semco acrylic paints from Spotlight. These 60 ml bottles are good value. I washed the building in warm water with a mild detergent then thoroughly rinsed it before applying one coat of Semco flat Potters Clay, allowing it to dry and then applying a second coat. I have tried painting the concrete sections with Semco flat Bisque but more work needs doing here.

Melissa's Diner in its initial state straight out of the box

Melissa's Diner after two coats of Semco Potter's Clay.

I tried painting the timber trim around the bay window with Semco Raw Sienna but this has not worked well. I wanted a dark brown and as I have so far only applied one coat it is very streaky. All this was done prior to breaking my wrist. It requires a steady hand so I am hoping my hand will repair itself sufficiently firstly so I can hold a brush and secondly that it does not shake (as it has been during my physio sessions).

I have purchased a bottle of gloss Cocoa Brown by Aqueous Hobby Colour and also a bottle of gloss Green. The Cocoa Brown is for the bay window and the Green for the window frames and doors instead of the Semco paints. We'll see how this develops.

Raymond got some more goodies from overseas on Thursday 7 October when two locos arrived from MicroMark in the United States. It is a Bachmann On30 Mallet
2-6-6-2 fitted with DCC and Tsunami sound. It looks and sounds good. The other loco is an inside framed 4-4-0.
The Bachmann On30 2-6-6-2 Mallet. It looks and sound good but very tiny.

Well, I think (hope) that things are starting to progress more positively now so this Blog should appear more frequently. I would like to bring it out once per week like Craig (Ca55ino) does for his.