Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Meeting in The Shed........

On Tuesday evening 5 May a few members of Mackie’s Marauders met in our new shed for the first time. Craig Mackie and our group of friends hold a fortnightly Tuesday evening gathering to talk trains. Unfortunately the gathering was smaller than usual as Craig was away on business and it was also the first night after the Brisbane Miniature Train Show weekend. The guys were very encouraging with their comments regarding the progress of the shed and Raymond’s and my plans for seeing it finished. We also discussed some general concept for the new On30 layout. As usual discussions also took place on everyone's latest modelling project.

Craig’s Blog - “Craig’s Shed” - has mentioned our shed and progress or lack thereof previously as well as posting some photos. Craig and his shed were the reasons we had built our own shed along similar lines.

Geoff, Peter, PK, Raymond and Darren sit around a table in the new shed enjoying a cup of coffee and biscuits


  1. Dave,

    Let's hope you retain some room in 'The Shed' for the crew lounge. Nice start to your blogging career.


  2. We intend to have the first ten feet (approx) of the shed set aside for a workbench area and a crew lounge although we have an undercover pergola area available just outside the sliding door entrance to the shed.