Sunday, September 5, 2010

Finally The Shed is complete.....

Well, we have caught up with the present. The Shed was completed last Tuesday, 31 August, when our handyman, RayM, came to install the skirting board and then laid the carpet tiles. The project started in February 2008 with the contracts for the new veranda and The Shed. The Shed itself saw the turning of the first sod in May 2008. So it has taken 27 months to complete.

All the building material and other bits and pieces have been removed. We now have a 12 metre X 6 metre space to start meaningful work on our new layout. We first want to put in a double length work bench/table adjacent to the sliding door so that we can have all our modelling tools together and get "stuck into" the many modelling tasks we have started or that are awaiting our attention. This work bench will be long enough for both Raymond and I to be doing modelling work at the same time without each intefering with the other. We also want to install some shelving so that we can store all our On30 models currently stored in the garage and in my study area. The shelving in the garage will then be turned over to the Garden Railway rolling stock and the N Scale will be stored in the cupboards in my office.

I had hoped we could have started this this weekend but it was a false hope. I can do little with a broken wrist preventing me from shifting anything and Raymond has been doing other things as usual. I cannot even open the sliding door to The Shed as it takes two hands.

The Tuesday Nighters are coming this Tuesday night and I cannot even get ready for them. Mackie's Marauders will find a big difference.

Looking from the back corner of the shed towards the sliding door. The work bench will be installed to the left of the glass door. Yours truly is standing in the doorway. 2/09/2010

Looking from the doorway to the back of the shed. The first section of layout to be built will be the upper deck along the left-hand wall. 2/09/2010

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  1. wow that looks awesome, great work guys. I guess now the real work (trains) can begin