Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Following Weekend.....

The weekend of 12 – 13 January did not see much progress as SWMBO had decreed we had to clean up before a proposed family BBQ on Sunday 20 January.

My youngest daughter and son-in-law along with our two little grandsons came over and helped us fill an industrial skip bin. It is amazing what one collects.

Saturday, 19 January, Raymond and I spent cleaning up The Shed as this was where Pauline wanted our guests to eat their BBQ lunch as it was air-conditioned. We vacuumed the carpets and shifted all the timber Darren had delivered in late December off to one side of the room.

This is the timber that Darren delivered at the end of December.
We have shifted and restacked it three times so far.

The BBQ went off well on the 20 January. So now family matters had been attended to we thought we would be back into layout work the following weekend which was to be the Australia Day long weekend. Unfortunately, things did not pan out that way. Ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald came down the coast of Queensland with severe flooding and cyclonic winds all along the coast. Because of the strong winds blowing heavy rain into the pergola area we could not do any work on the layout. The new Drop-Saw (Son of Beast) was covered with a weatherproof protector but the wet conditions prevented us from using it. We did shift our supply of timber (yet again) to give access to the right-hand side of The Shed and managed to cut some 2” X 1” to act as spacers around the bottoms of the legs. We then installed the six legs that had been supplied by Darren and also fitted the 2” X 1”.

Saturday, 2 February dawned sunny and clear (after a ferocious overnight storm – so I am told). Raymond and I visited my father then went to Austral Modelcraft for some magazines and sundry bits and pieces. Scooter even showed up!

Saturday afternoon, Raymond measured the remaining original stock of 4” X 1” and using the Son of Beast and cut up sufficient material to make the second section of baseboard framework for the right-hand side of The Shed and the first baseboard section for the lower deck on the left-hand side. Son of Beast certainly makes short work of the sawing required and it makes such a smooth cut.

Sunday 3 February we assembled the second section of baseboard framework for the right-hand side and set it on the four remaining legs supplied by Darren. We need another two legs and some 2” X 1” around the base to maintain the legs in position.

The two sections of baseboard framework for the lower deck
installed along the right-hand side of The Shed

Another view. Two centre legs and the 2 X 1 spacers
are yet to be fitted.
We have not yet assembled the first section of framework for the left-hand side as we need to clean-up under the upper deck along that side. We intend placing this under the new baseboard framework on the right-hand side.

I feel things are starting to move along quite well but then I always think that.

It is Tuesday Nighters this Tuesday night and this week it will be at Scooters which is just up the road from us.

A Sparmax air compressor for air-brushing which I gave
Raymond for Christmas to try to encourage him to "Have a Go"
The Badger Air-Brush set that Raymond bought quite some time ago
but has never used. It contains three air-brushes - a side-feed,
top feed and bottom feed.

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  1. Guys it's great to see your progress. Raymond we should organise an airbrushing day as there are a few of us with small compressors and willing to get together.