Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Work Begins and a Veranda is built.....

During January 2008 we had selected who we were going to contract to supply and erect the shed. Since we were following Craig's example, we had decided we could fit a 12 metre X 6 metre (40 ft X 20 ft) the same as his home for his Cassino layout. This was to be through the well-known firm of Titan Enterprises. From my first approaches to them and my subsequent dealings with them and their sub-contractors I found them to be always very patient and helpful, I signed up and paid a deposit before we had finalised the veranda supplier. Titan understood that they would have to wait until the veranda was completed before they could start work on the shed. By early February Titan had submitted the application for a Building Permit and were making ready to supply the shed.

The veranda was a different matter. I had six quotes with some obviously reluctant to do the job, one supplier had a very pushy salesman and I took an instant dislike to him. The rep for the final supplier, Inntech Refurbishments, was very helpful as were everyone else in the company whom I dealt with including Cameron, their Managing Director. We chose Inntech as their approach was very professional and they impressed me with their “Let us do the worrying” responses to my tentative queries.

Inntech drew up the plans, which we approved, and they then submitted them to Council for a Building Permit. But first, before work could begin, we had to dig some trenches for stormwater pipes from the back of the house and veranda making sure we allowed for the future shed’s location which was to be on the top side of the house and at right angles to it. Raymond, my youngest daughter Roslyn and her partner AJ helped with digging the trenches for the stormwater pipes. It was bloody hard work as the soil is mostly clay. It is like granite when it is dry and glues together when it is wet.
Work begins - I am about to "turn the first sod" while AJ looks on. 2/02/2008

AJ and Raymond hard at work. It was back breaking task. 16/02/2008

We also had to get rid of our faithful garden shed of 30 years. It contained a lot of junk which we would have to dispose of. I gave the shed away to a friend from work and he and his father came one day early in March to dismantle and remove it.
My mate's dad helping dismantle the garden shed. 9/03/2008

Garden shed is gone. All that is left is the concrete slab and a pile of junk. 9/03/2008

Cameron (from Inntech) came to do a site inspection and evaluate any problems they might encounter. The main problem he found was removing the old concrete deck as we did not know how it was attached to the house. I contacted the original builders (now retired) and they gave us the information we needed.

Inntech moved on site on the 17/03/2008 to begin work. Cameron was there on the first day to work with his sub-contractors demolishing the old patio and other preliminary work.
The big boss gets in on the act. Cameron cutting through the concrete slab. 17/03/2008

The Bobcat pulls down the old patio. 17/03/2008

The Bobcat makes it look easy. 17/03/2008

In just nine working days the veranda was pretty much completed. All that remained was to put in a concrete pergola area under the veranda which was a separate job to the veranda construction. I hired the two sub-contractors that had built the veranda to do this work at a later date. Once Inntech connected the downpipes to the stormwater pipes and made a few final adjustments before advising the building inspector that a final inspection was required.
Progress by Day 3. 19/03/2008

Day 6. 26/03/2008

Day 9 and close to finishing. Just a bit of painting and stormwater connections to go. 11/04/2008

We were now ready for Titan to do their thing.

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