Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Trip to the UK.....

While the trip to North Queensland had caused some delay to work on the shed, it was our trip to England in June 2009 that really stretched the time frames on our shed. We started talking about the possibility of going to the UK early in 2009. I was keen for my wife Pauline, Raymond and I to go. I had been very fortunate to have won a Museum Scholarship in 2006 and had spent 5 weeks visiting various museums and heritage railways around England and Wales. I made a lot of friends during that journey and I wanted to renew those friendships as well as seeing some new places.

A couple of months before we went to the UK, in early April, to be exact, I finally plucked up the courage to install the stormwater pipes for the shed. It was not anywhere near as painful as I had expected. The shed was now ready for inspection and once passed we could move on to the next stage. The inspection would have to wait until we got back from England.

Finally the stormwater pipe for the shed is installed. 10/04/2009

Our four week trip was expensive but we all enjoyed ourselves. The first few months of the year I spent in arranging an itinerary and booking travel and accommodation. The shed certainly took a back seat during this time. Finances were tight so the purchase of further material for the shed and any contractors were non-existent.

We flew Emirates via Singapore and Dubai then direct to Glasgow. The booking gave us a 19 hour layover in Dubai so Emirates put us up in a 4-Star hotel complete with meals and transport to and from the hotel, free-of-charge.

Here are a few images of our journey:

Glasgow Museum of Transport. 29/05/2009

Glasgow Station with our train ready to depart for Inverness. 30/05/2009

A Scottish Heritage site, Urquhart Castle on the shores of Loch Ness. 1/06/2009

Entrance to Inverness Station. 2/06/2009

Diesel railcars at Bank Top Station, Darlington. 2/06/2009

Locomotion preserved at Head of Steam Museum, Darlington. 2/06/2009

Great Northern Railway 0-6-0ST at Shildon. 3/06/2009

Southern Railway No.825 on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. 4/06/2009

Duchess of Hamilton had arrived at the National Railway Museum, York only a week or so before our visit. 5/06/2009

Duke of Gloucester in the workshops of the East Lancashire Railway. 6/06/2009

David Lloyd George Double Fairlie takes water at Blaneau Ffestiniog. 8/06/2009

NG143 at Dinas Station on the Welsh Highland Railway. 9/06/2009

Raymond stands beside NG143 at Dinas. We took turns having a footplate ride. 9/06/2009

Caernarfon Castle. 9/06/2009
Talyllyn stands at the head of its train at Wharf Station on the Talyllyn Railway. 10/06/2009

More footplate rides. Raymond stands in the doorway of Talyllyn. 10/06/2009

Prince of Wales 2-6-2T on the Vale of Rheidol Railway at Devil's Bridge. 11/06/2009

A Great Western Railway tank locomotive rolls a train past the new education centre and museum at Highley on the Severn Valley Railway. 12/06/2009

Earlestoke Manor runs around its train at Kidderminster on the Severn Valley Railway. 12/06/2009.

Welshpool & Llanfair Railway 0-6-2T The Earl stands at the water tank at Welshpool. 13/06/2009

Rebuilt from a Baldwin locomotive from the Eastern Province Cementc Co in South Africa, No.2 of the Brecon Mountain Railway near Merthyr Tydfil stands inside the locomotive shed/workshops. This loco is fitted with an ex-Queensland Railways' headlight. 14/06/2009.

For Dr Who fans we visited the Dr Who Museum in Cardiff where the Tardis is on display. 14/06/2009.

Dr Who would not be complete without some Daleks. 14/06/2010

Hurricane stands at the head of the afternoon schools train on the Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway. 18/06/2010

Northern Chief on the turntable at Hythe. 18/06/2009

A First World War Baldwin 4-6-0T stand outside the locomotive shed at Page's Park on the Leighton Buzzard Light Railway. 21/06/2009

Another First World War loco outside the Leighton Buzzard locomotive shed was this Feldbahn 0-8-0T. 21/06/2009.

During our return to Australia we spent a couple of nights in a 5-star hotel in Dubai - absolute luxury!

Now Raymond and I could get back to working on the shed.


  1. Hey Dave,
    How big was it inside the Tardis?

  2. Humungous!! Its bigger on the inside than the outside.

    The Museum was very interesting with a lot of technical effects.

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