Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Shed Continued.....

I phoned around for quotes for the plasterboard required as per the shopping list compiled by our home handyman, RayM. I decided that Plastamasta were offering the best price and they could also supply the required insulation batts. When I rang them back to place the order they wanted to know if I was in a hurry for the material as, if I waited to the following Saturday week they were having a yard sale and the plasterboard sheets I was after would be considerably cheaper. So, I waited, and visited their yard at Coopers Plains on the appointed Saturday. I discussed my requirements with their staff and they were more than helpful. The plasterboard and rolls of insulation batts were delivered on the 2 February. The savings were well worthwhile too at nearly $900 between the purchase price at Plastamasta and other plasterboard and insulation suppliers.

The plasterboard and rolls of insulation have arrived in the shed. 2/02/2010

After further discussions with my home handyman, I decided to purchase timber battens for the ceiling of the shed rather than using the steel battens I had already purchased from Titan. The timber battens (70mm X 35 mm structural pine) cost $470 but I had outlaid $870 for the steel battens. However, I considered that I would have a use for the steel battens for the upcoming Garden Railway Project. The timber battens were delivered on the 17 February. The substitution of timber battens instead of the steel was to prove beneficial in other ways. We had found that drilling screws direct into the steelwork was very difficult if not almost impossible. Screwing the plasterboard to the wooden battens on the ceiling was a breeze.
The timber battens. The steel battens are in the background. 17/02/2010

RayM came on the 10 March to install the ceiling battens and the ceiling insulation which had a rating of R2. Things were starting to move quite quickly now.
RayM, the handyman, installs the timber battens. 10/03/2010

The battens and ceiling insulation are complete. Raymond's ghostly figure stands in the doorway to the house. 10/03/2010
I had helped RayM to install the insulation for the ceiling, so I was confident that Raymond and I would be able to install the R1.5 insulation for the walls. We achieved this with no serious problems over one weekend.
Raymond and I installed the wall insulation. 5/04/2010

Wall insulation. 5/04/2010

He came on the 8 April and again on the 9 April when he sheeted the plasterboard firstly to the walls and then we did the ceiling. Again this went very well. I was confident Raymond and I could install the final sections of plasterboard on the end walls and on the trusses.

Wall sheeting completed. 8/04/2010

Ceiling and walls sheeted. 9/04/2010

Our electrician came back on the 14 April and completed the electrical fit out of the shed. After testing we now had power inside the shed and lights. During the latter part of April, Raymond and I finished installing the plasterboard on the top of the two end walls and around the sliding glass door. The annual Brisbane Miniature Show over Labour Day long weekend stopped work on the shed for a while and I then came down with severe bronchial asthma which prevented us from doing much work during May. We had managed to start plastering the joins between the plasterboard on the walls and ceiling however. We had applied the first of three coats by early June.
Lighting and power points installed. 14/04/2010

Lighting and power points installed. The sub-powerboard can be seen just to the right of the door. 14/04/2010
Now we had to sheet the trusses with plasterboard and finish the plastering before we could paint the room.

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