Sunday, December 29, 2013

This Post has been a Long Time Coming.....

It is almost twelve months since I last posted a record of our progress on this Blog and for that I apologise. Craig (Cassino) has been “on my case” almost every week as have a number of others including Graham, a co-worker with Raymond.

I feel I need to fill in some of our construction efforts from the first half of the year before catching up with our efforts these past few days.

I bought a new desktop PC in January because my old one was dying and becoming unresponsive. This was another reason why I had not updated this Blog as my computer was sooooo slow. However, it was not until mid-year that I managed to install it. I also spent a considerable amount of time planning a trip to the United States.

I decided to purchase a new laptop PC as well which was to be smaller and lighter than my previous laptop. I intend using this laptop for work as well as travel while my old laptop now lives in The Shed though its WiFi internet connection is somewhat problematic. I intend using it for model railroad duties. If I could improve the internet connection I would like to use it for JIMRI as well as maintaining an asset database of our model railroad equipment.

During June, Raymond and I assembled the first two sections of the lower deck level of baseboard framing for the island peninsula of our layout. The first panel is located at right angles to the right-hand wall of the shed. The second is attached at right angles to this and runs towards the back of The Shed.
The first two rectangular sections of the island peninsula baseboard are completed and installed
While we found it easy to build two plain rectangualr baseboard panels we were uncertain how we would build the triangular infill sections which would be required on both the bottom and top levels.
The triangular area we would need to fill in to properly join both the rectangular panels

The space we have allocated for the terminal locomotive depots on the upper and lower levels

These two tables are occupying the space of the future helix near the back of The Shed.
We then also made two identical panels for the top deck but we were at somewhat of a loss as to how best to fit these in position and support then with a minimum of posts.
The two baseboard sections for the upper level can be seen leaning against the layout on the left-hand side

Little now happened on the layout for a couple of months as I went on my trip to the United States to attend the 33rd Bational Narrow Gauge Convention which was held in Pasadena (Los Angeles). My next post will give an overview of that trip.

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