Sunday, November 14, 2010

Not the Kitchen Sink.....

On Saturday 13 November, we called in to Bunnings at Mansfield to purchase another two sets of shelving and a kitchen cupboard unit. We then went to Austral Modelcraft where I spent some time drooling over what I might buy (but couldn’t afford) while Raymond opened his Debit Card to purchase two N Scale Kato SD45’s in Rio Grande colours and a 1:20.3 Bachmann Spectrum Long Caboose in Rio Grande Southern colours.

Saturday afternoon we spent in The Shed assembling the two sets of shelves. The assembly itself was very quick. I then started transferring our modelling magazines to one of these while Raymond moved some more of his stuff to the other.
A second set of storage shelves which Raymond has started to fill.

We have a large collection of Australian Model Railway Magazines but our collection of narrow gauge magazines is growing very fast too. Titles include Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette, Narrow Gauge Downunder, On30 Annual and Narrow Gauge and Industrial Modelling Review.
The library shelves for our modelling magazines. I have already started to fill these up.

Raymond also spent some time testing his MMI K-37 which he has fitted with a speaker and DCC sound chip.

Last Sunday Raymond went to fit sound and DCC to his MMI K-36. After he had dismantled it he found some serious rusting on the end of the can motor. There was also corrosion on a number of soldered joints as well. He e-mailed Precision Scale Company in the USA on Monday and had a response by Tuesday. He had told them of the problem and included a photo. He told them we had two of these locos. Their reply was to check the second loco and that they would send out one motor or two if necessary. My K-36 was fine except for some corrosion around some of the soldered detail parts. PSC are now to send out a replacement motor for Raymond’s loco.
The brown rust on the end of the can motor of the MMI K-36. Precision Scale Company responded very quickly to this problem.

Raymond has also started to fit a DCC chip to a Bachmann Porter 0-4-2T. The number of complicated parts and sub-assembles that this loco has to be broken down to is unbelievable.
A dismembered Bachmann Porter 0-4-2T. A myriad of parts for such a small loco.

We have yet to put together the kitchen cabinet unit, perhaps next weekend.

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