Sunday, November 28, 2010

Now for the Kitchen Sink.....

On Saturday 20 November, we again called in to Bunnings at Mansfield. This time we purchased another ten sets of double slotted steel tubing and ten 470 mm brackets. This gives us a total of 15 double slotted brackets and tubing which will allow us to build the top deck of the layout down the left hand wall of The Shed. We also purchased some bolts with which to affix the tubing to the wall studs but these ended up being too short, Bunnings did not have the range suitable for our requirements. I will try a fastener specialist to see what we can get.

The double-slotted tubing and a bracket purchased for the first stage of our layout. The bracket is 470 mm long and will support the top deck on the left hand side of the shed at 750 mm width

Our next stop was our usual Saturday morning visit to Austral Modelcraft where we received a rather boisterous greeting as besides Ray and Aileen there were a number of the Tuesday Nighters present. GeoffB, MikeB, Tess and Son were there and they gave me a rather “warm” reception. I thought it must have been “get David day” with all the jibes. Fortunately, Craig wasn’t there as it could have been a riot (at my expense).

Raymond purchased some more HO Scale flat car loads. He had purchased some pipe loads previously and they do not look out of place on an On30 flat car. He now has some slab steel. They cost $29.95 and $27.95 respectively from Austral Modelcraft.

A Bachmann On30 flat car with a pipe load. The slab steel is in the foreground.

We spent the rest of the weekend tidying up and planning future action.

Raymond spent some time installing a DCC sound chip and speaker in my K-36 but when he tested it, it blew the chip. Much to his chagrin he found that the wheels on the tender of the loco were not installed correctly giving a direct short circuit. Oh well, another couple of hours work and a new chip when he gets around to it.

My K-36 No.481 disassembled ready for a second attempt to install a DCC sound chip.

On Saturday 27 November we again went to Bunnings at Mansfield. This time we purchased a mobile tool trolley which was on special. We plan to use this when we are building the layout to keep our tools, screws and sundry bits and bits together. We can wheel it around The Shed as we progress. Our Saturday morning visit to Austral Modelcraft was next where Raymond purchased some wiring harnesses and Tamiya weathering pastels. I thought it was rather quiet even though there were several other customers. Oh! I know the Tuesday Nighters weren’t there.

On Saturday afternoon, Raymond assembled the tool trolley then he set about making the kitchen cupboard. Neither took that long to make although Raymond kept muttering something about Ikea when he was making the kitchen cupboard. I said “But there are no Allen keys so it can’t be Ikea”. Actually it was a Bunnings product.
The Tool Trolley
The kitchen cupboard unit is now in place with a 5 litre urn ready for lots of tea or coffee when the guys come around. I am hesitant to put in a mini bar fridge as well just for milk (and a few stubbies of beer) as we have a fridge nearby in the laundry already loaded up with milk, beer and even some wine.
Well not actually the kitchen sink. This is our kitchen cupboard with the 5 litre urn ready for cups and teaspoons. We will be able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

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