Sunday, November 7, 2010

Work Benches and Storage.....

Raymond and I purchased a set of shelving from Bunnings, Browns Plains on Sunday 24 October. Raymond went out Sunday afternoon so I tried to assemble them myself but was severely hampered by my wrist. Raymond helped put them together on Saturday 30 October. The task took us about 15 minutes unlike the bolt-together shelving I had used in the garage which would take several hours. This shelving kit makes up into a very nice sturdy piece of furniture with five shelves. The only tool needed was a rubber mallet as it was all clip together. Once assembled it is very sturdy unlike the bolt-together shelving I had bought previously for model railway storage in the garage. After assembly we spent a pleasant couple of hours transferring more than 100 boxes of Bachmann On30 models from the garage to The Shed. There are still more to go but we can’t get at them as there are four full sheets of plasterboard, left over from The Shed leaning against those shelves in the garage. I have offered to give the plasterboard away to one of the Tuesday Nighters so we can get it out of our way.

Our first set of shelves in The Shed loaded with some of Raymond's Bachmann collection
Raymond still has a lot of boxes to go but we need the next set of shelves for those. By comparison my collection appears rather sparse.

My collection of Bachmann in the green boxes. The red boxes on the right are the AMS wagons that Raymond bought from the UK recently. The wooden carry trays are Raymond's also.

We are planning to purchase at least two more or possibly three of these clip together shelves. We need at least one more for the remaining On30 boxes, one for our library of model railroad magazines and hopefully another for all the kits and bits and pieces.

On Saturday 30 October we called in to Wallace’s Office Furniture at Annerley where we purchased two new office desks each 1500 X 750 mm plus two second-hand mobile drawer units to fit under the desks. These were delivered on Thursday 4 November and Raymond had them placed in position. We are now planning to build some shelving at the back of these desks (work benches).
Our two work benches in place along with the mobile drawer units

This weekend Raymond and I repaired the drawer runners on one of the second-hand drawer units. We then spent a pleasant Saturday afternoon starting to move our modelling tools and various models under construction. At the same time we began discussing the shelving we thought would be desirable on the top of the work benches in order to organise all our tools, paint, glue and spare parts including DCC chips, speakers, lighting, couplers and detail parts. This is Fun.

Setting up the work area
There will be some things that we can’t/won’t do in this work area. Spray painting and drilling and machining metalwork will be done just outside The Shed under the Pergola. It will be too hard trying to vacuum metal shavings out of the carpet. Walking on the soft carpet in bare feet is a pleasure to the senses although one of us will probably step on something sharp one day. Ouch! I suppose we will have to wear good quality sneakers or slippers when the Tuesday Nighters come over. We do need some decorum.

Looking from the back of The Shed. The blue chairs and table are for our Tuesday Nighters meetings but will be moved once the layout is under construction as the layout will extend that far. The Pergola area can be seen through the sliding glass door.
Raymond started putting his work area to good use this Sunday afternoon by wiring in a DCC sound chip and speaker into an MMI D&RGW K-37. Sounds great but there are a few hiccups to deal with especially the lighting.

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  1. Looks like this will be a really nice work area for modelling in - good to see more progress even with the bung wing.